Autumn – a time of preparation

The weather is now turning colder and garden birds are busy preparing for the winter season. Some birds get ready to fly south to warmer climates, while others ready themselves for winter.

Regardless of the birds’ different preparations, they share a high food intake. The birds need to build up their energy reserves either to make their long migratory flight south or to get through a long cold winter period here in Denmark. They build up their fat reserves in order to survive the hard times ahead.

By providing the birds in your garden with a varied selection of energy-rich food and water, you will attract many different species of bird and help them to get through the harsh cold winter period.

Those birds that stay throughout the winter will become loyal guests at your feeding station and you will soon receive new feathered visitors from more northerly areas. It is a good idea to avoid too much traffic at the feeding station in the early morning and late afternoon, as this is when the birds need peace and quiet to consume large quantities of food.